My Tour Book Support


How much does My Tour Book cost?

My Tour Book is free to use for everybody. No hidden catches. We don't sell your data. The site may contain some monetising features at a later date but all the features you currently see are free and will remain free for you to use.

What do I need to use My Tour Book?

Any PC or Mac with a fairly up to date browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc) is all you need to build your tour. The main website is desktop based, with a mobile version for viewing your tour as a tour member. You can also access the tour and other features as a tour member via the tour member app, and you can manage your tour on the go via the tour manager app. Both of these apps are available for Android and iOS.

Click here for links to the apps

Can you help me build my tour?

Yes, contact us via the contact page and we can assist you, or for a small fee we can just build the tour for you.

What is the best place to start?

The best place to start is with our tutorial guide on YouTube. We have videos on each section of the site and also some brief overviews for those that want to dive in.

YouTube playlist:

I've encountered an error and would like to report it.

Please contact us via the contact pageto inform us of the bug. Serious bugs may warrant a reward, but that is at our discretion.

I'm locked out of my account or I didn't get my confirmation code.

Please contact us via the contact page with the email address you used to sign up and we will assist. Thank you for your patience.

I want to remove my account

Please contact us via the contact page to start the account removal process.